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Modern bathrooms have become more and more popular these days. Many people enjoy the said style because of the functionality and aesthetics of contemporary bathroom designs in Stockton. They also provide a minimalist and clean look rather than a dull one. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom and add some modern vibe, there are simple and easy ways to achieve it. It only requires minimal changes to create a sleek and contemporary design.

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Best Bathroom Design Ideas for Modern Space

Add Solid Wood Accents
Bring in nature by adding solid wood accents. It will infuse warmth to a minimalist design that could appear bleak. Go with light wood furniture to introduce an organic feel to a relaxing room. Woods works best with ceiling beams, vanity, shelves, or towel bars, creating a bathroom design that shows a modern, casual, and warm touch. For a more refreshing look, opt for soft, whitewashed woods as they make a room lighter and brighter.

Try Accent Wall
Another place where you can experiment with a bold style is the wall. You can have accent walls by throwing in a heavy splash of color. Having a modern bathroom design does not mean you will only go for neutral colors. You can also play with colors by adding bright accents to warm a flat, monochromatic space. One of the best bathroom designs in Stockton to inject personality into a minimalist bathroom is possible by choosing eye-catching colors.

Choose Floating Vanity
Floating vanities are considered modern and practical. They do not take up so much space, thus making your room look spacious and streamlined. With open floor space, your bathroom will feel high-end. Try installing a light under the bath panel or place an elegant stool beneath the vanity to add a touch of class.

Upgrade Your Sink
If you have an outdated sink, now is the time to upgrade it. You can have a chic bathroom with a simple stone sink for an elegant touch. Marble countertops also look good and create a stylish addition to a modern design. An elevated glass bowl will also make your room look luxurious. Make sure to choose sinks that are durable and hard to break.

Redesign Your Shower
One of the most trending bathroom designs in Stockton is the use of a rain shower. This type of shower adds a contemporary edge to your modern space and gives a relaxing feel. If you are curious about introducing industrial touch, opt for a metallic showerhead. To maximize your space, avoid shower curtains, and even frame glass doors. Go with frameless ones. Walk-in showers are also perfect for modern or any bathroom design. You can have sliding doors to make sure they open and close in opposite directions.

Wall-Mount Fixtures
One common factor every homeowner wants to achieve when they have a small bathroom space is to make it feel more spacious. Some of the small bathroom design ideas in Stockton that have made a small space feel larger incorporate the ideal storage. This will turn a cramped bathroom space into an organized and clutter-less space. Forego traditional cabinets that are too large. Choose wall-mounted open shelving instead. This feature will free up some floor space, making a small bathroom look more open and modern. It is also suggested to choose items that float in a constricted bathroom space for a small bathroom design, from the basin, cabinetry, to toilet. It will allow for more floor space, and the extra length of flooring underneath creates a more open space.

If you are looking for more modern bathroom designs in Stockton, visit your trusted local contractor, such as Bathroom Remodel Stockton, to give you more ideas.

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